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Pain-Free Elegance

Say goodbye to bulky, uncomfortable solutions and integrate your lifestyle with our sleek designed powerful pain-concealing innovation, that allies you with fashion, confidence, and comfort. Don’t let cramps hold your back—step into an empowering world with Matri Device.

Easing the Monthly Struggle with MATRI

In the bustling world where innovation knows no boundaries, two mid-twenty young male entrepreneurs are breaking the social taboo by introducing a groundbreaking device Matri to alleviate the age-old struggle of menstrual pain or Dysmenorrhea.   Meet Roni Mondal & Rohan Roy, the visionary co-founders behind “Matri", a revolutionary period pain relief device. Their journey began with a simple yet profound idea, inspired and motivated by the monthly struggles of women in their lives. The inception of Matri was full of challenges. Entering an industry largely dominated by female-centric products, where male co-founders are a rarity; they faced skepticism and raised eyebrows. However, they remained steadfast, fuelled by their passion and volition for creating such a hassle-free innovation that would genuinely positively impact women's healthcare segment. Armed with determination and a background in electrical engineering; Roni, Rohan, and their team spent countless hours of hard work in the R&D of prototypes. Along the way, they sought guidance from women's health experts, engaged in open conversations with potential users, and adapted the product based on valuable feedback. After years of dedication and hustle, Matri is now set to mark a significant milestone. The device aims to empower women, destigmatize discussions around menstrual health, and redefine comfort during challenging times.  Roni and Rohan envision a world where modern women of all age groups no longer have to endure unnecessary pain and discomfort, thanks to Matri.  No more pain, Smile again.

Our Team

roni, founder, ceo, matri

Roni Mondal

Founder and CEO

rohan, founder, coo, matri

Rohan Roy

Founder and COO

matri. logo

Amit Dutta

Technical Head

matri. logo

Prasan Das

Junior Engineer

Empowerment Flow

Celebrate strides in Menstrual health with Matri, where innovation meets women's needs in the realm of period pain relief devices. By combining advanced technologies and economic considerations, we stand for autonomy and foster women's empowerment worldwide.

Our Mentors

anuja_dalvi, matri, mentor

Dr. Anuja Dalvi

Medical Technology Mentor 1st Female Physiotherapist of BCCI and Rajasthan Royals.

sanjam jha, matri, mentor

Dr. Sanjam Jha

Principal Investigator Additional Professor Dept of Obs. and Gynae AIIMS Patna

Ankita Shahasane, matri, mentor

Dr. Ankita Shahasne

Medical Mentor MBBS, MD/MS Obstetrics, and Gynaecology Resident D Y Patil Hospital

raj kumar singla, matri, mentor

Dr. Rajkumar Singla

Drug Regulator Advisor Ex Drugs Controller FDA Harayana

ranodeep saha, matri, mentor

Mr. Ranodeep Saha

Business Mentor Founder, Rare Planet Shark Tank Achiever By Emcure

broti ranjan das, matri, mentor

Prof. Broti Ranjan Das

Technical Mentor Sr. Instrumentation Engineer Senior Scientist, USIC Calcutta University

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